Necia Navine.

30 weeks pregnant

You guys.. isn’t my sister the prettiest pregnant lady ever ?? 
When will there be a new set on SG? ^-^

In four months! :)

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Are you American?

No I am from the Netherlands.

asked by wiwo-and-zeevo
i must admit you are one of the most beautiful women i have ever your curves and do not take it the wrong way but you have a great behind.

That’s very kind of you, thanks so much :) xox

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Ever considered a career in the porn industry? If so... why or why not?

No, I applaud anyone who does it and loves it, but I could never see myself doing it. I’m simply not cut out for it. I would hate seeing myself in porn and I’m too awkward haha.

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Necia Navine - Selfportrait
Necia Navine