Necia Navine.
Self portrait by Necia Navine

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Necia Navine by Alexandra Sleaze.Make-up and SFX by Mandy Rond / Vixen’s Creations.
lol oh my good your work it too good. I saw the clown make up on FB so I came over to Tumblr and damn if that gif didn't give the the chills. lol you are beyond my favorite model you are also now one of my favorite artist. Keep it up. I really enjoy your work gorgeous.

Ah thank you so much! Such awesome compliments !! I absolutely LOVED playing the psycho clown, haha. I might do more creepy shoots in the future. I love to be so expressive for a change. Glamour and nude is fun but it’s good to do something different every once in a while. Have a lovely day! xox

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Can’t wait for the results of this shoot (: 
Girl: "I pose semi-nude for sexy photos and post them." Typical douche: "You must have a great sex life! Tell me all about it!" Ugh!

Haha, you won’t even believe the messages I get sometimes :) People assume that I’m some sort of porn star forever horny chick.

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Did you ever get involved in a trio or another form of groupsex at some point in your life? If so, how was it!?

Why do you think this is an appropriate question ? 
Whatever crazy shit I might have done, it’s none of your business !

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